To join as a Sea Cadet you must be between 12 to 17 years old inclusive. If you're younger you may be able to join as a Junior and if you're older you may be able to join as an Adult Volunteer.

A lot of the activities which we offer to Sea Cadets are based on the Royal Navy. As a Sea Cadet you will receive two Royal Navy uniforms which you will be expected to maintain to a high standard. The first uniform is your "working rig" and is for routine activities and parade nights. The second is your smart uniform which is to be worn for all ceremonial and special occasions.

You will have the opportunity to become an expert in many activities. On the water we offer Sailing, Rowing, Kayaking and Power boating; and on the land options range from camping and live firing on a range to cooking or learning how to communicate using VHF radios.

The Sea Cadets has 4 national training centres located around the country in Torpoint, Portsmouth, Weymouth and Rosyth which run a variety of weekend and week long courses for Cadets to attend. If you see something you fancy doing you'll be able to book a course and head to the training centres where you'll meet new friends from right across the country as you're learning new skills and developing your abilities.

We also run competitions in a variety of different fields including Football, Drill, Band, Sailing, Power Boat Handling, Kayaking, Rowing, Swimming, Shooting and Archery amongst others. Competitions can be contested either individually or as a team and they all begin at District level where individual units compete against around 4 other local units. The winners then progress on to Area and National levels where ultimately they could be crowned the best in the UK for that year.

If you like the challenge of being a leader you will be pleased to know that we have a rank structure based on that of the Royal Navy which allows cadets with enough experience and knowledge to move up the ranks and gain promotion. With promotion comes more responsibility though as those of a higher rank are expected to take charge of groups of cadets and set high standards in everything they do.

Sea Cadets meet at the unit on Monday & Thursday evenings between 6:30pm and 9:30pm