Put a gift in your will. All young people need someone who cares behind them, to help them make a go of the world. But some teenagers lack this. With a gift in your will, you can step in behind a young person who needs it.

You don't have to be rich

Not at all. £310 would be enough to send one young person on a voyage on our tall ship which will change their life as they learn to crew with a team, and sit on deck watching dolphins passing. £3,100 could cover a voyage for 10 teenagers, who may have never been to sea before. Each legacy makes a difference.

How do I leave a gift in my will?

To leave a gift in your will, speak to your solicitor.

To make sure the gift goes to the right place, please include our full name in your will and the charity number: HARTLEPOOL UNIT NO 172 OF THE SEA CADET CORPS - A charity registered in England & Wales 520906

Why leave a gift in my will?

Giving just 1% of your Will to the Sea Cadets, after your loved ones have been looked after, can make a world of difference. It’s simple, easy and can have an impact for generations to come.

We are grateful for every gift we receive, no matter how big or small. Your gift ensures your legacy will live on into the future, supporting the next generation into adulthood and helping to give them some fantastic core skills to enable them to build their futures confidently and securely.

It’s our belief that every young person deserves the best possible head start in life.

Help us achieve amazing things for young people - please consider us in your will. Click here to find out more about writing a will.


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