To join as a Junior Sea Cadet you must be either 10 or 11 years old. If you're older you wont be able to join as a Junior but you may wish to join as a Sea Cadet or a Royal Marines Cadet?

Juniors at Hartlepool Sea Cadets participate in almost all activities which their senior Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets do including waterborne activities, and almost all juniors go on to become senior Sea Cadets on turning 12.

Juniors will spend their time on the water learning to sail, row and kayak as well as learning how to drive one of the units two power boats. When not on the water their time will be focused on fun activities and team building games, creating the perfect environment to make friends and develop skills such as confidence, team work and leadership.

Many camps and courses for Junior Sea Cadets are organised throughout the year which give juniors a safe place to experience time away from home - we realise that this could be the first time some of our juniors have ever been away from parents/guardians. These camps and courses are often held at the unit with other cadets who they already know, but occasionally they may be held further afield allowing them to meet new people and make friends with cadets from other units. All of these camps and courses are completely optional.

We also hold regular competitions with other units at different levels across a variety of activities. Our competitions encourage team work and leadership within the young cadets and participating in these competitions is always fun and challenging. These events always display the huge team spirit which exists in every Sea Cadet unit across the country.

Juniors meet at the unit on Monday & Thursday evenings between 6:30pm and 9:30pm