As a charity, we rely on the support of people and organisations who feel strongly about helping teenagers to find their way in life.

We don't want anyone to miss out!

Cadets give a small monthly subscription, and contribute or fundraise towards the cost of the skills training they gain at Sea Cadets, and the trips in the UK and abroad.

But no young person is going to miss out on something because they can’t afford it. We use donations, gifts in wills, and grants so we can discreetly help teenagers who are struggling financially, to level the playing field, so everyone can join in with everything and try new possibilities.

Where does the Royal Navy come in?

The Royal Navy has long been, and continues to be, a big supporter of Sea Cadets, providing around half of the Sea Cadets national funding. The platform we offer youngsters is built on the firm foundations of a Royal Navy ethos and their customs and traditions inspire our work and focus our commitment to supporting teenagers today. Some teenagers decide to pursue a career in the Royal Navy, inspired by the naval traditions, respect and self-discipline which flavour our way of listening to and speaking to each other, and some of our activities, like drill and parade.

Others use what they have learned at Sea Cadets and apply it in other areas of life.

Whilst the Royal Navy supports the national Sea Cadets organisation, individual units such as Hartlepool do not receive direct funding from the Royal Navy. Individual units are registered charities in their own right and rely on the the support of their own communities.