Who's Who?

Instructional Staff


Our team of instructional staff are all volunteers and they carry out training and activities with the young people that attend the unit on a weekly basis. In addition to being members of our unit, many of them hold positions within Teesside District and Northern Area meaning that they benefit the lives of young people from across north east England, the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Commanding Officer

A/SLt (SCC) Nicola Robinson RNR

Executive Officer

OIC Juniors

Detachment Commander

SLt (SCC) Gary Appleby RNR
Mrs Jane Fox
PSgt (SCC) John Cook

Training Officer

Admin Officer

Boats Officer

Sgt (SCC) Claire Armitage

Mrs Pam Taylor

Mr Antony Wilson

Sea Cadet Instructors

Royal Marines Cadet Instructors

PCI (SCC) Gavin Coleman

Mr Richard Gallighan

PCI (SCC) Victoria Parkin

Lt (SCC) David Quinn RMR

CSGT (SCC) Paul Hume

PSgt (SCC) Caitlin Iles


Unit Management Team


Our Unit Management Team is made up of a small number of volunteers who are responsible for the finances, health & safety and charitable status of the unit. They meet regularly and make key decisions on all aspects of the unit.

Unit Chairman

Mr Leon Usher

Unit Treasurer

Commanding Officer

Unit Secretary

Mr Paul Harrison

A/SLt (SCC) Nicola Robinson RNR

Mrs Pam Taylor

P&SA Chair

Fundraising Co-Ordinator

Mrs Jane Fox

Mrs Sandra Iles

UMT Members

Miss Jessica Fox


Parent & Supporters Association


Our Parent & Supporters Association are responsible for organising fund raising initiatives and holding fund raising events to raise cash for the unit. Again, they are all volunteers and they meet regularly. Their task at the moment is to raise enough cash to purchase a new unit minibus.

P&SA Chair

Mrs Jane Fox

P&SA Members

We're currently looking for volunteers to join our Parent & Supporters association. Click here for more information.


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